Freewallet Review by TheMoneyMongers

2 min readJul 17, 2020

We are happy to share the newest Freewallet review in crypto media. This comprehensive look at our wallet service is live on TheMoneyMongers.

TheMoneyMongers is a trustworthy media outlet dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The platform aims to assist people seeking to understand the crypto ecosystem and to start working with digital money. The platform provides extensive information about crypto wallets, exchanges, and Bitcoin loans.

In the review, TheMoneyMongers explores everything you need to know about Freewallet. In particular, the author highlights some features:

  • Buying cryptocurrencies using credit/debit card
  • Tracking transactions
  • Built-in Exchange
  • Registration process
  • Security: Touch ID login, two-factor authentication, PIN code lock, email confirmation after each transfer, limits on daily/monthly transactions

“Freewallet is a versatile wallet platform and brings much-needed simplicity without compromising on safety standards. The interface is quite intuitive and can be easily understood. Every process has been designed keeping users in mind that can be completed in just a few steps. From novice to experienced traders in cryptocurrencies, Freewallet meets all their requirements and provides much-needed flexibility to users,” according to TheMoneyMongers.

It’s worth noting that Freewallet was listed as the best mobile BTC wallet by TheMoneyMongers.

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