Freewallet is one of the first apps for TON Crystal!

Freewallet has become one of the first mobile cryptocurrency apps featuring the TON Crystal currency.

TON in Freewallet

Great news for all fans of the TON Crystal coin! We are excited to announce that the TON coin has been listed in our app. Receive, send and store TON Crystal with the Freewallet crypto app for Android and iOS.

The TON exchange option is going to be enabled soon, along with the option to buy gift cards with TON Crystal currency.

You can find more information about Gift Cards in Freewallet here.

About TON

Being an open network and next-generation blockchain, TON offers speedy transactions at a low cost. The processing power amounts to millions of transactions per second.
TON is a decentralized and improved version of the original concept of Telegram Open Network. TON Crystal cryptocurrencies are owned and powered by the Free Ton community of developers committed to building an innovative blockchain network. Free TON Crystal is the native token of the network.

Find TON Crystal in the Freewallet app!

Please note that a setup fee (~0.02 TON) will be deducted from your first deposit amount. This fee is paid to set up a new address in the network. Make sure your first TON deposit covers this fee. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.



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