Exploring the Use of the FRWT Non-Custodial Wallet

5 min readFeb 9, 2024

This guide aims to provide an in-depth exploration of the FRWT Non-Custodial Wallet, offering insights into its features and tools to help you effectively manage your cryptocurrencies.

1. Getting Started with FRWT

2. Ensuring the Security of Your Wallet

3. Connecting FRWT with Decentralized Applications

4. Buying Cryptocurrency on FRWT

5. Transferring Cryptocurrency via FRWT

6. Exchanging Tokens in FRWT

7. FRWT Wallet Statistics

8. Monitoring the Crypto Market with FRWT

9. Setting Alerts and Notifications

10. Conclusion and Support

Getting Started with FRWT

To embark on your FRWT journey, download the application or browser plugin directly from the FRWT official site. This initial step involves downloading, installing on your preferred device, and launching the application to kickstart your digital currency management.

Begin your FRWT experience by securing the application or browser plugin via the official FRWT portal.

For existing FRWT wallet users switching devices, it’s required to enter their mnemonic phrase on the new device to regain access. Meanwhile, newcomers have the opportunity to establish a new wallet, with the choice of a 6-digit PIN or a more complex passcode for enhanced security, alongside an alternative 4-digit PIN for convenience. Following the configuration of your PIN, you’ll be directed to the main dashboard, where the option to activate FRWT push notifications is presented for timely updates and alerts. A prominent notification at the top of the app emphasizes the importance of generating a 15-word mnemonic phrase, a critical step for ensuring multi-device accessibility to your wallet. Additionally, within the app’s lower section, the Account settings offer functionalities like enabling a dark theme for a user-friendly visual experience at night and retrieving your cryptocurrency addresses for transaction purposes.

Ensuring the Security of Your Wallet

The security of your assets within the FRWT wallet is primarily dependent on the careful management of your 15-word mnemonic phrase. This phrase is crucial for accessing your funds, especially when logging into a new device. For optimal security, it’s advised to keep this phrase stored in a physical, offline location rather than digitally. Unlike the mnemonic phrase, your PIN is specific to each device, necessitating its reconfiguration upon using a new device. To manage your mnemonic phrase or enhance your wallet’s security settings, such as enabling biometric authentication, setting transaction limits, or changing your PIN, visit the Security section located under the Account settings.

Connecting FRWT with Decentralized Applications

Linking your FRWT wallet to decentralized apps (dApps) is straightforward. Simply access the Account menu, select the WalletConnect feature, and utilize the New Connection QR reader to scan the dApp’s QR code. This process seamlessly integrates FRWT with your chosen dApp, enabling a wide range of decentralized services and applications directly from your wallet.

Buying Cryptocurrency on FRWT

Acquiring cryptocurrency through FRWT is made easy with the Buy feature accessible from the wallet’s menu. Start by selecting your country of residence, then specify the currency and amount you intend to spend. Following this, choose the cryptocurrency you want to purchase. This streamlined process facilitates the easy acquisition of digital assets, enhancing your investment and trading capabilities within the FRWT ecosystem.

Once you’ve entered the necessary details for your cryptocurrency purchase on FRWT, proceed to select a payment method from the list of available options. This selection includes various secure and convenient payment channels, ensuring that you can choose the one best suited to your preferences. After selecting your payment method, complete your transaction through FRWT’s partner service, which facilitates the purchase. Your FRWT wallet balance will reflect the new cryptocurrency amount as soon as the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, ensuring that your digital assets are up-to-date and accurately represented within your wallet.

Transferring Cryptocurrency via FRWT

From the Home page, use the Send and Receive options to transfer crypto.

For sending, choose the currency, amount, and recipient’s address.

For receiving, use the Receive button to get a QR code and address for the chosen currency.

Exchanging Tokens in FRWT

Use the Exchange feature to swap tokens. Choose your crypto pair and the amount, making sure it meets the minimum requirement.

If the amount is too low, you’ll receive a notification. Check the network fee and continue if it’s agreeable.

FRWT Wallet Statistics

Tap the graph icon to access your wallet’s statistics. See your portfolio’s value, total sent, total received, and manage spending limits.

Monitoring the Crypto Market with FRWT

Check the Market section for trends and prices. Add key cryptocurrencies to favorites for quick access.

Setting Alerts and Notifications

Control your alerts and notifications by using the bell icon on the Home page to manage currency and balance alerts.

Conclusion and Support

For extra assistance, contact FRWT’s support team through the Help option in the Account menu, where you can communicate via email.




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