EOS price prediction 2019, 2020, 2025

What is EOS

EOS value for the industry

  • Fast Transactions — thanks to parallel processing technology, EOS can perform transfers in a few seconds. Currently, EOS tps is over 3000, while the Ethereum network can perform only 15 tps. The creation of Dan Larimer competes with classic payment processors like VISA and MasterCard.
  • Fee-free Transactions — the killer feature of EOS is that it has absolutely no fees for transactions. How is that possible? To conduct operations in the EOS blockchain you should buy resources called RAM, CPU and NET or deposit $2-$20 for account registration. By the way, Freewallet lets you get account absolutely free of charge.
  • Unique DPoS Algorithm — it is an evolved version of PoS; cheaper and faster and it does not require a lot of computing power. The algorithm engages only a limited number of users in block generation and the validation of transactions. From 121 candidates only 21 become validators. They are chosen by the EOS community which stake their coins for candidates. The higher the stake — the more votes a candidate receives.
  • Self-sufficient Reward — EOS is designed to be self-sufficient and evolutionary. The current inflation rate every year is 5%, which will, in turn, be used in paying miners for validating transactions and for the further development of the network.

EOS price history analysis

EOS price prediction

  • In 2020 — $6.83
  • In 2021 — $8.55
  • In 2022 — $10.08
  • In 2023 — $12.18
  • In 2024 — $13.92
  • In 2025 — $15.21

What affects the future price of EOS

Store EOS on Freewallet

  • Store EOS with 150+ other coins in one wallet.
  • Exchange coins right in the application.
  • Make fee-free transactions with other Freewallet users.
  • Track the crypto market in your wallet so you don’t miss it when EOS has its best price action.
  • Protect your money with advanced security protection including 2FA, multisig, and transaction limits. The majority of assets are kept in cold storage. It guarantees that your coins won’t be lost or stolen.



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