Crypto Exchange Marathon by Freewallet

We at Freewallet are launching a Crypto Exchange Marathon to reward our active users. The contest will last from June 15th to July 12th. Our “Buy with a card” and “Exchange” transaction types will count towards your total and all of our supported cryptocurrencies are eligible.

You just need to use Freewallet and be active. On July 12th, we will pick the 6 users who have the highest cumulative transaction sums and have made the most transactions. The main prize is a 0.5% additional cashback. The offer will be valid from July 13th to August 12th. The cashback will be subsequently applied to exchanges and purchases made with a card.

Don’t worry if you’re not into dealing with big money transactions. Additionally, every week a randomizer will choose 5 users who made Freewallet transactions. These users will be awarded 10 USDT.

You can also partake in the Crypto Exchange Marathon on Twitter. Do you have an inspiring story about your best value transaction? Maybe one exchange changed your life? Maybe you bought Bitcoin in the very beginning and have been surfing on Bali ever since? The author of the story with the most likes, comments and shares will get a special prize. We’ll be accepting your stories until July 12.

Read the rules here.

Follow us, be active and seize your chance to win valuable prizes! Good luck!

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